Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome Round 1 Admitted Students and Partners!

Our life these days!
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Darden put out its round one admissions results yesterday- so congratulations to Darden's first group of newly-admitted students and partners for this year! We can't wait to meet you-- hope to see you at Day @ Darden or Darden Days in the spring.

It's a big deal as a partner when your student is accepted-- it means a lot of potential changes for both of your lives and for your relationship. Being in a relationship with a student is definitely an adjustment, especially when that student is at Darden in their first semester first year working their butt off! 

One question that might spring up in your mind after you've finished the champagne toast is "would I want to relocate to Charlottesville while my student attended Darden?" You are probably thinking about:
-Staying near your current friends vs. making new friends in the Darden community (and also participating in Darden events only on weekends vs. being available for weeknight events)
-Staying at your current house/apartment vs. finding a new place to live in Cville
and perhaps most of all,
-staying in your current job situation vs. modifying your job situation or finding a new job!

I'm the Job Resources Chair for the Darden Partners Association, and I myself had quite the career decision to make when I came to Cville, so this last struggle is very close to my heart. I intend to write a future post on jobs for Darden partners, but for now I'll say there are lots of options and lots of scenarios that work. You  may have to get creative, you may have to take a leap of faith, you may have to grin and bear a less-than-ideal situation for a while-- you may even have to do all of those things, but I promise that you can make it happen and enjoy your and your student's time at Darden. It has certainly been worth it for us!

As I said, I'll discuss relocation and jobs for partners in a future post. But if you have any immediate questions about jobs as a potential Darden partner, feel free to email me at I'm happy to chat!

Again, congrats to accepted students and partners! Raise a glass and say Wahoo-wa!

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